Reka Rossignol, Graduate 2014-15

During grade nine and ten in high school, I struggled to have decent grades, be accepted, and simply be happy. I went to a very academic school where expectations and standards far surpassed the ones in place at my previous middle school.

I simply couldn’t learn in that environment. Sitting in rows in desks, listening to ‘chalk and talk’ just wasn’t cutting it for me; I’m not kidding, I didn’t learn a thing. And after hours of hearing negative reinforcement, I really did begin to think that I was stupid.

But what I didn’t realise at that time, was that my level of intellect was not the real problem I was facing. It was the school. I knew I was smart, I knew I was different, and I knew I could prove my intelligence by attending a high school that helped me achieve academically, in whichever way was suited best for me personally.

At City School, we can always work in a way that is best for us. The teachers understand that in order to properly absorb information, each student must learn in a way that is suited to them. Teachers will listen to students, and as a whole, the student body and staff can collectively make decisions that affect the school and students.