Teamwork makes the difference!

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Lori Bernier - Lori is fascinated by natural artefacts, rocks, bones, and water. She satisfies this craving by going on palaeontology digs in the summer. On those trips, she often illustrates finds in the field and maps pits for the record; and of course, she digs. She is on leave until September 2018.

Janice Blake-Johnson - Janice is new to City School this year. She’s an experienced and skilled teacher who is popular with sudents and her teaching colleagues. She is friendly and helpful, and very patient. She teaches a range of courses including senior Biology, Chemistry, and intermediate Math.

Ian Esquivel - Ian is our Curriculum Leader and Guidance Counselor  He teaches English, Media and Leadership. He returned to City after 25 years in the mainstream. During that time, he wrote and taught AQ courses at OISE, worked as an Instructional Leader and studied Communications at Concordia. Ian will be on leave until September 2018; he currently is teaching at Neuchatel Junior College in Switerzland.

Joseph Ghassibe - Joe joined City School as our new Curriculum Leader after seven succssful years as the CL at Oasis Alternative. Jos is an energetic and popular educator, an ardent advocate for students, and a huge promoter of social justce. He handles administration, guidance and credit recovery, and oversees the Nutrition Program.

Leah Mauer - Leah joined us from Newtonbrook to teach History, English and Special Ed. She is on our EcoSchools Team and is the Lead teacher of our Literacy Committee. She has a wide range of interests outide of school, and is very involved in social justice initiatives, especially those pertaing to discrimination and racism.

Dan Pitt - Dan teaches Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Environmental Science. He loves Montreal, plays a beboppin' alto sax, has tons of friends and has made it clear he could also make a living playing pool. He wears his love for City on his sleeve, and makes all his students feel welcomed. Dan has just returned from a Leave of Absence.

Barb Sniderman - Barb has worked in film and television, traveled and lived in many places; run marathons; danced, biked and trapezed her way to fitness; and developed programs for learning through literacy, documentary viewing and filmmaking. She teaches Drama, Leadership and Integrated Arts. She is our EcoSchools guru.

Whitney Baker - Whitney teaches Phys Ed, Geography and Social Sciences. He has many interests outside of school, including travel, film and music, that he brings into the classroom. He also incorporates technology into his instructional practice, and frequenty facilitates workshops for the TDSB on how to integrate and use Google docs.

Oyin Orekoya Oyin is a fun-loving person who likes to travel and learn about different cultures. Outside of work, she enjoys singing, experimenting with diverse cuisines and putting her feet up while reading good books.Her amazing organization and interpersonal  skills keep our boat afloat. She currently is assigned centrally to the TDSB Special Ed Department until December, 2018.

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Marie Melo - Marie was our office manager for 13 years. She set the standard. Her excellent organizational skills, sense of humour, patience, and common sense helped ground the rest of staff and keep things moving smoothly. Marie loved to knit, bead and lend an ear when someone needed it. She retired at the end of June, 2014.

Marie & Marc

Marc Lichtenberg  - Marc's intellect, humour and compassion guided City's vision for decades. He was the brains behind our EcoSchools initiatives. Born and bred in Toronto, he was at City for over twenty-five years until his retirement in August 2015. When not world-travelling, Marc loves his cottage, jazz guitar, and dabbling in photography.