Teacher Profile: Ian Esquivel

Ian has a long history with City School. After his first year of teaching, he was hired by one of the school’s founders, Myra Novogrodsky, to replace Bob Morgan, City’s Media teacher who was on Leave. The job became permanent, with Ian teaching English, Media, Social Studies, and History. 

It was a steep learning curve but he had great mentors – Myra and Elaine Mitchell. Hired at the same time was Marc Lichtenberg, the school’s eco-evangelist. Fast forward twenty-five years to when Ian returned to City School where Marc still taught, to Ian’s delight.

Ian has held positions as a Head of English; CL for ELS/English/Library; TDSB English/Literacy Instructional Leader; Gifted Program Coordinator; and OISE AQ Instructor. For years, he also was on the Executive of the Association for Media Literacy, and the Toronto and the Ontario Council of Teachers.

Outside of school, Ian loves to read, cook, play and listen to music,  and travel. He has driven across Canada and the U.S.; toured many cities in Europe; led school trips to Kenya and Portugal; and visited Israel and Kuwait. Above all else, he values his family and friends, and is always ready to lend a hand or an ear. As well, he is involved in several charitable organizations.


Student Profile: Marielle Wong

Marielle came to City School as a member of the first Grade 9 cohort. She had been encouraged by her family and teacher who thought it would be a good fit. At first, she was skeptical of a small-sized school until she went for a tour. She immediately fell in love and desperately wanted to enrol. She has been happy with her choice ever since.

It has been a good fit. Marielle has become an integral part of the school community, consistently demonstrating “quiet leadership” by modelling a commitment to her studies, helping her peers to succeed, frequently lending a hand, and when needed, stepping in to take charge.

Marielle  believes that being at City makes you feel like you’re a part of a unique community. And it is students like Marielle that create that uniqueness by being open to diverse perspectives and ideas.

Her immediate education goals are to graduate with high marks and pursue post-secondary schooling. She plans to enrol in a nursing program. It seems a natural fit for a student as compassionate and dedicated as Marielle is.

Outside of school, Marielle likes to read, cook, bake, listen to music, play with her cat, and watch TV. She also likes to spend time with family. They are fun to be around and always there for her, in the same way that Marielle is always there for the people she cares about.