Teacher Profile: Leah Mauer

Prior to City School, I was a teacher at Newtonbrook Secondary. I’ve also taught at Rosedale Heights, Earl Haig and Western Technical Commercial Shool. I’m lucky to have worked with lots of different types of students and staff in different parts of the TDSB. I came to City School because it’s a small community where everyone looks out for and supports one another.

As an educator, I work hard to provide students with an open, welcoming and secure environment in which to discover their interests and talents, both inside and outside of the classroom. I also like to read and talk about literature and current events – school is a great place to gets lots of different opinions and perspectives on issues, and to discuss them in a safe space. I think teachers are fortunate to be able to have these opportunities, and I hope I can keep teaching fulltime. My main ambition is to assist all my students to pass and achieve their academic goals.

I feel lucky to do what I do, and in particular, here. City School has a caring community. People are looking out for you and you can feel it throughout the school. The various clubs help people connect to one another, although I wish more students would take part because we need to develop more innovative programming, and have more fun. I facilitate the EcoSchools team and it’s a great experience for the five students involved. So I’d like to see more students active and engaged.

I’m very active myself. I read, write, dance, cook, bake, and like to watch documentary films. I’m interested in a range of social justice issues, and belong to groups that work to help promote fairness. I think we need to do more in Toronto to understand one another. We live in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, yet we still hear about racism and violence in the city. I believe we need to reach out and create more meaningful dialogue with each other.

Student Profile: Alessio Zolezzi

Prior to City School, I was a student at Building Bridges, a program that helps students with anxiety to reintegrate into school. I had lots of support from several adults, including a social worker and a teacher. I came to City School because Building Bridges recommended it. Two students from there had successfully made the transition the year before.


What appeals to me most about school in general is the opportunities it gives you to make new friends. But what I don’t like so much about school in general is having to interact with people I’m not familiar with or I actually don’t like. What I appreciate/like about City School is its flexible way of dong things and its willingness to adapt to student needs. However, I wish more of the students would take school seriously. One of my goals by the end of the year is to pass all my courses with good grades. I’ve had a good year so far, which makes me – and my parents – happy.

I like to read and learn about history. I’ve got a good sense of curiousity, which shows in most of my interests. In fact, my long-range ambition is to become a History professor at a university, so being curious will help me. My other hobbies include the table-top game Warhammer, playing video games, watching movies and television, and talking. I also take some interest in where I live, meaning Toronto. I like it here but I believe we need to improve public services and to create a better sense of community across the city.