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Welcome to City School Guidance!

Over the course of the year, various Guidance workshops will take place. Check the whiteboard for topics, dates and times. Also check the Bulleting Board oppostie the main office for information about campus visits, specialized programs and scholarships.

University Visits: Ryerson, Concordia, Trent, Western, and George Brown College will all do presentations to the school this semester. The University of Toronto and McGill do not visit schools, but visits can be arranged by students independently. 

Individul Pathways: All TDSB students can now use myBlueprint to create an Individual Pathway Plan that includes investigation of the course requirement one might need to get into post-secondary program(s). Our Activation key is “cityschool”.

The Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC) is a starting place to get links to all University programs available in Ontario and is the site where you file your application on-line.

The Ontario Colleges applications site (OCAS): is the site for students applying to colleges in Ontario.

NOTE: University offers of admission will have been made by May 24. Respond by June 1 to accept an offer. If you opt for a Wait List, be sure to have a back-up plan.

Three-Credit Rule

City School usually accepts full-time students only. This means you must be enrolled in at least three courses per semester. In Grades 9 and 10, students must take a full course load of four courses per semester unless there are documented medical or similarly valid reasons for a reduction. To assure academic success, we strongly advise students to take no more than four courses in a semester.

To continue at City from one semester to the next, you must pass at least three of your courses. If you fail to pass three courses but believe there are valid extenuating circumstances that explain your under-achievement, you may submit a letter to the Curriculum Leader (CL). In it, you will outline the reasons why you should be allowed to stay on roll.

Teachers will review your letter and the CL will notify you of their decision.  If you do not pass three courses a second time, you will be transferred back to your home school, or to another alternative school in the Alt9 family. The Guidance Counselor will assist you in your search for a new school.

If you have any questions, please call 416 393 1470, ext. 20040, or drop by the Guidance Office.